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About Us

Founded in 1978, artisan Benedetto Gelardi’s workshop is located in the heart of Palermo, Sicily. We design, create and restore a range of gold, silver, and carved objects, with a special focus on sacred art. Our pieces (chalices, ciboria, pates, monstrances, sculptures, and much more) are designed in consultation with our clients and are handmade using traditional methods. The expertise of our highly qualified staff in traditional chasing techniques, lost-wax casting, and marble and terracotta carving allows us to meet our clients’ unique individual needs. We create bas-reliefs, sculptures in the round, and decorative elements of any size.

Our reputation for super craftsmanship, aesthetic sensibility and professionalism has earned us a global clientele. We provide updates in real time about the progress of the work to our overseas clients and ship internationally by express courier. Our pieces are found in collections all over the world. In our many years in business we have had the honour of creating and restoring ritual vessels, statues, and altars of great historical and artistic value.

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